August Event Roundup

The summer is the start of the racing season and we have been ramping up our workouts to prepare for those. Since we focused so much of our time on racing, it was time to relax a bit. We were able to pack three social events into the month of August.

Dim Sum and Food Bank Volunteering

This has been one of the oldest Ripple tradition. After racing at Long Beach, we take the following weekend off to enjoy our day. In the morning, we grab breakfast/brunch/lunch at Canton Seafood & Dim Sum Restaurant, the same place we’ve been going to since forever ago. There’s no better way to start the day than to sit around a table with friends and share a meal.

Afterwards, we head to the SF Marin Food Bank to help sort and pack fruit. Lots and lots of fruit. We’ve always turned this into a competition to keep it fun and this year was no exception. By the end of the day, several hundred pounds of fruit were boxed and ready to be shipped.

Foodie Friday

For this event, our social divas decided to pick a food we rarely eat: Filipino. After our practices, have never gone to a Filipino restaurant so what better time to do this than for a Foodie Friday? The place we picked was Patio Filipino in San Bruno who were amazing for being to accommodate well over 20 people and all the food we ordered.

Food we ordered includes lumpia (Filipino egg roll), lechon (roast pig), pacit (kinda like stir fried noodles), kare kare (don’t know how to describe this), and many more. The one thing many people were looking forward to was the buko con. It’s ube ice cream served in a baby coconut. We all ordered way too much food and stuffed ourselves. No regrets though.

Ripple Retreat

The Ripple retreat was a first one we’ve ever done. Following up on our Ripple FamBam Hangout, we decided we need to do more events like that and that’s how we ended up with the Ripple retreat, spanning three days and two nights in Tahoe. There were many group activities for everyone to get to know each other better such as eating together, an ice breaker game, more eating, biking, canoeing (or kayaking) at the beach, more eating, and this amazing performance:

With the last race of the season coming up in a few weeks, expect more events in our (not really)off-season.