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About Ripple effect

We are a San Francisco Bay Area dragon boat paddling, fitness, and activities community.

Dragon boat is the ultimate team sport, with one boat consisting of twenty paddlers, a drummer, and a steersperson. Everyone has to paddle together and in sync to move the boat forward. Dragon boat is a sport that fosters a great sense of community within the team.

We are one of the top teams in the Bay Area, having competed in the Club Crew World Championships and taken first place in the local races many times in the past several years. If you want to compete against the best teams, you will fit right in. Not interested in competing and just want to have a fun with a group of people while getting a bit of exercise? Not a problem. As much as we like to work hard, we also like to have fun and connect over different activities. Check out our upcoming events to see what we have planned.



Please see the Practice page for our current practice schedule

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In addition to the time we spend together on the boat, we spend quite a bit of time bonding over experiences off the water. We have our monthly events, Thirsty Thursday or Foodie Friday, as well as various social events throughout the year such as playing board games, going on hikes, barbecues, watching movies, and other get togethers, not to mention our volunteer events. These events give everyone a chance to connect over something different.

Do you have an activity you want to try and want to share the experience with other people? Let us know and we can help you organize an event.

Upcoming Events

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